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By Bruce Wells - updated 1/29/70

You need an email address on file to sign into the Scarsdale Forum site

We require an email address to access this site.  If you get emails from the Forum already, we probably have your email address on file.  The rest of this document assumes you have an email address on file.  If these proceedures do not work, then you will need to contact the office to add your email address into the system.

Signing in to the site

Click on the Sign In tab on the top level menu, or click here You need to enter your email address and your password (see below if you forgot or don't know your password).  To save your email address and password, check the box below the password.  This will tell the computer to redisplay your email address and password the next time you try to sign in, saving you from remembering and typing them in each time.  Please note: Passwords are not encrypted on this site and you should NOT use the same password you use for other critical functions like banking.  Create a password for this site, or use a different password than your normal one.  Once you have entered your email address and password, click the "Sign In" button.

Requesting a New Password

You can request a new password be sent to you at any time if your email address is already in the system.  At the sign in screen, you will see a line at the bottom that says "Forgot or don't know your password? Click here!"  Click on the "click here" link.  Or you can click on the "I am new and need a password" button.  Either way, the next page will ask for your email address.  Please enter it and click the button labeled "Reset My Password"  The system will email you a new password.  The password will be in the form of "pwd9999" where 9999 is a random number. You will need to enter the password exactly as it is shown, without spaces, in the same case (lower) and without quotes.

If all of the above fails

You probably don't have an email address in our database.  Please contact the Scarsdale Forum office so they can add your email address to the database.

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