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documentPress Release - Hagerman and BOE President Bill Natbony to Address Forum on State of Schools PublicNov 06, 2017
 Dr. Thomas Hagerman and BOE President Bill Natbony to Address Forum on the state of Scarsdale Schools

documentET Report of the Downtown Revitalization Committee On Efforts to Revitalize Scarsdale Village Center PublicSep 28, 2017
 This report focuses on issues the Committee has identified to date, and recommendations on how to best address them to achieve the goal of revitalizing the Village Center.
application/pdfDownload this revision613PublicOct 05, 2017

documentScarsdale Schools: 2017 and Beyond PublicSep 07, 2017
 Scarsdale Administration professionals, teachers, members of the Board of Education, Village officials, students, empty nesters, and parents of current students participated in a conversation about our schools and answered questions in a live poll.

documentEducation Committee School Topics Survey PublicJun 29, 2017
 The members of the Education Committee chose 12 topics that they believe would be of most interest and then created a survey which was sent to all members of the Scarsdale Forum and which was distributed widely to the broader Scarsdale community several times through Scarsdale based social media sites, neighborhood associations, local Scarsdale media, and personal email distribution lists. Respondents from all five neighborhoods ranked the 12 topics in order of their priority. The Need for a Long-Term Financial Plan and Program Evaluation Process and Metrics ranked 1 and 2, respectively. Over 30% of all respondents ranked the previously mentioned topics as their first choice, and 20% of the respondents had those two topics as their second choice. Financial Literacy and Community Design Initiative: Involving All Stakeholder in Designing Education Goals tied for third place. Less than 15% of the respondents chose any other topic as their top choice.

documentAgenda for the May 18, 2017 Public Forum & Annual Meeting PublicMay 10, 2017
 Agenda, May 18, 2017 Public Forum & Annual Meeting, 7:30pm in the Scott Room of The Scarsdale Public Library, 54 Olmsted Rd. Free and open to the public. Program by The Scarsdale Community Support Council, "Strengthening Community: A Round-Table Discussion." Annual meeting to vote on new slate of Directors & Officers; vote on "Education Committee's Report on the Scarsdale Board of Education Proposed 2017-2018 Budget"
binaryDownload this revision604PublicMay 12, 2017

documentMinutes of the March 2, 2017 Public Forum & Membership Meeting PublicMay 10, 2017
 Guest speaker: U.S. Congressman Eliot L. Engel; Forum members approved "Proposal of the Education Committee for a New Paradigm of Resilient Community Problem-Solving and Development of a Long Range Financial Plan in Support of the Scarsdale Schools as Its First Design Challenge"
binaryDownload this revision602PublicMay 10, 2017

documentSunday Speaker Series Flyer PublicApr 25, 2017
 Linda Carpenter Leavitt's "Most Memorable Stories," Sunday Speaker April 30, 2017 at 3pm, The Scarsdale Woman's Club, 37 Drake Road. Free - Open to the Public - Refreshments provided in a "zero waste" way!
binaryDownload this revision601PublicApr 28, 2017

documentReport of the Education Committee on the Scarsdale Board of Education Proposed 2017-18 Budget PublicApr 11, 2017
 Report supporting the proposed budget. Note: This Report will be voted upon by the Forum membership at the Public Forum & Annual Meeting at the Scarsdale Public Library, May 18, 2017 at 7:30pm.
application/pdfDownload this revision600PublicApr 11, 2017

documentApril 2, 2017 Sunday Speaker: Anton Seimon, Ph.D PublicMar 22, 2017
 FLYER: Sunday Speaker Series featuring Anton Seimon, Ph.D., SHS '83, Seasoned Storm Chaser and Climate Scientist Presents: Requiem at El Reno, Encountering Earth's Largest Tornado. Sunday, April 2, 2017, at 3pm, The Scarsdale Woman's Club, 37 Drake Road. Free and open to the public.
application/pdfDownload this revision599PublicMar 22, 2017

documentPost-Election Community Reception Invitation PublicMar 15, 2017
 Disclaimer: The Scarsdale Forum is posting this announcement as a public service. The Forum does not endorse any political party or organization.
binaryDownload this revision598PublicMar 15, 2017

documentAgenda March 2, 2017 Public Forum & Membership Meeting PublicFeb 24, 2017
 Special Guest Speaker U.S. Congressman Eliot Engel "The View from Washington" Membership vote on Education Report, number 594
binaryDownload this revision596PublicFeb 24, 2017

documentMinutes of the January 26th Public Forum & Membership Meeting PublicFeb 24, 2017
 State of the County Budget Program and address by Legislator Ben Boykin
binaryDownload this revision595PublicFeb 24, 2017

documentNew Paradigm of Resilient Community Problem-Solving and Development of a Long Range Financial Plan PublicFeb 07, 2017
 Education Committee's report,‘Proposal of the Education Committee for a New Paradigm of Resilient Community Problem-Solving and Development of a Long Range Financial Plan in Support of the Scarsdale Schools as Its First Design Challenge.’
binaryDownload this revision594PublicFeb 07, 2017

documentMinutes of the Scarsdale Public Forum & Membership Meeting, December 8, 2016 PublicJan 25, 2017
 Featured Panel Discussion: The Global Economy - What Lies Ahead
binaryDownload this revision593PublicJan 25, 2017

documentAgenda for Scarsdale Public Forum & Membership Meeting January 26, 2017 PublicJan 21, 2017
 "State of the County" Scarsdale Public Forum & Membership Meeting Agenda for Thursday, January 26, 2017
binaryDownload this revision592PublicJan 21, 2017

documentRole of Westchester County Government PublicJan 21, 2017
 Information from Westchester County regarding the role of the work of the County, including information on spending allocations.
application/pdfDownload this revision591PublicJan 21, 2017

documentWinterfest 2017 Invitation PublicJan 17, 2017
 Send in this invitation with your check - OR - go to the Events tab above, click on "Winterfest" and follow the prompts to secure your reservation.
image/jpegDownload this revision589PublicJan 17, 2017

documentWinterfest 2017 Press Release PublicJan 17, 2017
 Winterfest 2017 press release containing details about the event.
binaryDownload this revision590PublicJan 17, 2017

documentAgenda for the Scarsdale Public Forum & Membership Meeting PublicDec 05, 2016
 Panel Discussion: "The Global Economy: What Lies Ahead" Mayra Rodríguez Valladares, Managing Principal of MRV Associates Norman Bernstein, member of N.W. Bernstein LLC. Timothy Foley, Political Director for the Committee of Interns and Residents/SEIU Healthcare Stephan Meili, Managing Director, Citi Robert Selvaggio, Head of Analytics at Rutter Associates Membership vote on Report numbers 584 and 585
binaryDownload this revision587PublicDec 05, 2016

documentMinutes of the November 3, 2016 Public Forum & Membership Meeting PublicDec 05, 2016
 Featuring "The State of the Schools - Today & Tomorrow;" presentation by Procedure committee Chairman Maxim Grudin; update from School Board Nominating Committee Chair Alison Singer
binaryDownload this revision586PublicDec 05, 2016

documentReport of the County Fiscal Affairs Committee on the Proposed 2017 Westchester County Budget PublicDec 05, 2016
 Report of the County Fiscal Affairs Committee on the proposed 2017 Westchester County budget, released to the public by the Executive Committee under expeditious treatment procedure but not yet submitted to membership for final action.
application/pdfDownload this revision588PublicDec 08, 2016

documentScarsdale Forum Joint Committee Report on Library Project Option A-1 PublicNov 25, 2016
 The Joint Report of the Municipal Services and Fiscal Affairs Scarsdale Committees analyzes the public Library renovation project design proposals, and makes numerous recommendations concerning the project scope, cost estimates and potential impact on taxpayers and other Village and School District capital obligations and projects. Appendices include public comments submitted to a Forum sponsored community Survey.
application/pdfDownload this revision584PublicNov 27, 2016

documentScarsdale Forum Public Forum & Membership Meeting Agenda Nov. 3, 2016 PublicNov 03, 2016
 Scarsdale Forum Public Forum & Meeting Agenda for November 3, 2016
binaryDownload this revision581PublicOct 31, 2016

documentFriends of Scarsdale Parks Report in Opposition to Parking Lot at Hyatt Field Park PublicOct 14, 2016
 A copy of this report by the Friends of Scarsdale Parks is being provided, because the Scarsdale Forum Sustainability Committee supports it in their statement to the Village Board dated October 19, 2016 (See Report Number 580 on this website).
application/pdfDownload this revision579PublicOct 31, 2016

documentMinutes of the October 6, 2016 Scarsdale Public Forum & Membership Meeting PublicOct 06, 2016
 Highlights included the "State of the Village Address" by Mayor Jonathan Mark; Basics of Scarsdale's Non-Partisan System by Forum Non-Partisan Procedure Committee Chair Timothy Foley. The program can be viewed on the Scarsdale Public Television website Copies of the Mayor's and Mr. Foley's remarks are also posted on this site.
application/pdfDownload this revision582PublicNov 01, 2016

documentScarsdale's Non-Partisan System by Timothy Foley PublicOct 06, 2016
 Educational remarks regarding Scarsdale's Non-Partisan System by Timothy Foley, Chair of the Scarsdale Forum's Non-Partisan Procedure Committee at the Scarsdale Forum Public Forum & Membership Meeting, October 6, 2016, at the Scott Room of the Scarsdale Public Library
binaryDownload this revision576PublicOct 07, 2016

documentState of the Village 2016 by Mayor Jonathan Mark PublicOct 06, 2016
 Copy of Scarsdale Mayor Jonathan Mark's "State of the Village 2016" address at the October 6, 2016, Scarsdale Forum Public Forum & Membership Meeting, Scott Room of the Scarsdale Public Library
binaryDownload this revision575PublicOct 07, 2016

documentAgenda PublicSep 27, 2016
 Public Forum & Membership Meeting Agenda for October 6, 2016
binaryDownload this revision573PublicSep 27, 2016

documentMinutes Forum Membership Mtg June 2, 2016 PublicSep 27, 2016
 Minutes from the June 2, 2016 Scarsdale Public Forum & Membership Meeting featuring guest speaker NYS Regent Judith Johnson
binaryDownload this revision574PublicSep 27, 2016

documentScarsdale Forum September 2016 Newsletter PublicSep 21, 2016
 Scarsdale Public Forum & Membership Meeting Announcement; Committee Action Spotlight; Survey regarding the Proposed Library Renovation; CNC Call for Candidates
application/pdfDownload this revision572PublicSep 21, 2016

documentEducation Committee Report PublicMay 26, 2016
 NYS Regent Judith Johnson to speak
binaryDownload this revision565PublicMay 26, 2016

documentEducation  PublicMay 14, 2016
 Budget Recommendations
binaryDownload this revision564PublicMay 15, 2016

documentApril Membership Meeting PublicApr 23, 2016
 Flyer for 4/16 Membership Meeting Scarsdale Emergency Preparedness
binaryDownload this revision557PublicApr 05, 2016

documentAgenda for 4/14/16 Membership Meeting PublicApr 13, 2016
 Membership Meeting regarding Emergency Preparedness
binaryDownload this revision558PublicApr 13, 2016

documentMinutes for the February 2016 Membership Meeting PublicApr 13, 2016
 Highlight of meeting Library Presentation

documentMinutes from the Scarsdale Forum February Meeting PublicApr 13, 2016
 Highlight from the Forum Meeting
binaryDownload this revision559PublicApr 13, 2016

documentFeb/16 Membership Meeting Minutes PublicApr 11, 2016
 Minutes of the Winter Membershup Meeting Library Presentation Sustaninability

documentMembership Meeting Minutes 2/16 PublicApr 11, 2016
 Membership Meeting Library Presentation Sustainabity

documentSunday Speaker Series February 28th 2016 PublicFeb 23, 2016
 Medical Ethics Lecture and Discussion
binaryDownload this revision555PublicFeb 23, 2016

documentReport on Village of Scarsdale's Public Comment (Opposing High Speed Rail Link) CommitteeFeb 11, 2016
 The Report of the Forum Municipal Services Committee on The Village of Scarsdale's Public Comment in Opposition to Alternative 3 of the Northeast Corridor (NEC) Tier 1 Draft Environmental Impact Statement recommends that the Village of Scarsdale should continue by all means possible to: (1) oppose strenuously both the construction of any future high speed rail line through Scarsdale, and Alternative 3 of the Northeast Corridor (NEC) Tier 1 Draft Environmental Impact Statement, and (2) advocate for removal of NEC Alternative 3 from further consideration, consistent with these recommendations and the Village of Scarsdales Public Comment to the United States Department of Transportation National Railroad Administration, dated December 19, 2015.
binaryDownload this revision563CommitteeMay 10, 2016

documentWinterfest 2016 Invitation PublicJan 09, 2016
 Invitation for Members
application/pdfDownload this revision550PublicJan 09, 2016

documentWinterfest 2016 Save the Date PublicDec 14, 2015
 2016 Members Party
application/pdfDownload this revision547PublicDec 14, 2015

documentMembership Meeting Minutes 11/19/15 PublicNov 19, 2015
 The minutes of the Membership Meeting held on 11/19/15- Scarsdale Schools
binaryDownload this revision553PublicFeb 11, 2016

documentAgenda - Scarsdale Forum General Membership Meeting - November 20, 2014 PublicNov 14, 2014
 Agenda - Scarsdale Forum General Membership Meeting - November 20, 2014
binaryDownload this revision502PublicNov 14, 2014

documentMInutes of the June 4, 2014 General Membership Meeting PublicOct 02, 2014
 Minutes of the June 4, 2014 General Membership Meeting
binaryDownload this revision500PublicOct 02, 2014

 This is a strictly informational report that describes the capital project priorities currently being contemplated by the Board of Education for a bond offering if voters approve the bond late in the Fall of 2014.
application/pdfDownload this revision497PublicAug 03, 2014
binaryDownload this revision496PublicAug 03, 2014
binaryDownload this revision495PublicAug 03, 2014

documentOctober Membership Minutes Public
 October members meet
binaryDownload this revision539PublicNov 16, 2015

documentPublic Forum Agenda 10/15/15 Public
 Scarsdale Forum Presents a Public Forum Scarsdale Public Library, The Scott Room 10/15/15
binaryDownload this revision537PublicOct 13, 2015
binaryDownload this revision536PublicOct 13, 2015

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