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Scardale Forum Videos now available on Village web site

You can find Scarsdale Forum Public Forums and Membership Meetings taped by Scarsdale Public TV on their web site here: 

Most Recent Videos

Title Type Date Views
Judy Cheng-Hopkins - Peacebuilding: What, Why, and HowSunday Speaker Series11/02/141047
Lindsay Gottlieb, Coaching A LifeSunday Speaker Series5/18/141077
Suzanne Nossel, The New Free SpeechSunday Speaker Series12/15/131957
State of the Schools, Suzanne Seiden, President Board of EdGeneral Membership Meeting11/13/131284
Jonathan Haidt, The Righteous Mind: Why Americans are so divided by politicsSunday Speaker Series10/13/131182
Clifford Krauss: Decision Time: Energy Policy at a CrossroadsSunday Speaker Series10/14/121199
Mayor Miriam Flisser "State of the Village" and Proposed Non-Partisan Resolution Changes General Membership Meeting10/04/121130
State of the State Amy R. Paulin, Where Do We Draw the Line?General Membership Meeting4/26/121108
Glen Kramon: The Changing TimesSunday Speaker Series4/15/121141
"State of the County Kevin J. Plunkett Deputy County Executive Westchester CountyGeneral Membership Meeting2/02/121150
State of the Schools & Professional Development and The Scarsdale Teachers InstituteGeneral Membership Meeting11/17/111284
Fred Smoler: The Rise and Fall of Great Powers: America and the 21st CenturySunday Speaker Series10/16/111149
State Of The Village and Proceedure Committee UpdatesGeneral Membership Meeting10/06/111229
Greening Our Way to Good HealthGeneral Membership Meeting6/02/111109
Dr. Carol O'ConnorSunday Speaker Series5/15/111357
Tax Caps: The Good, the Bad and the UglyGeneral Membership Meeting4/28/111117
Alan SchwarzSunday Speaker Series3/20/111099
Annual Education ProgramGeneral Membership Meeting2/03/111096
Mara Liasson: A View From WashingtonSunday Speaker Series12/12/101082
The Pros and Cons of Village-wide Assessment RevaluationGeneral Membership Meeting11/18/101195
Tom Herman: The Economy and the 2010 ElectionsSunday Speaker Series10/17/101069
State Of The Village and Being Prepared: Emergency Management, the Village and YouGeneral Membership Meeting10/07/101873
Westchester County Executive - Rob AstorinoGeneral Membership Meeting6/03/101057
Dr. Richard Garwin and Jonathan Lewis: Dealing with Local DisastersSunday Speaker Series5/16/101286
Jacob M. AppelSunday Speaker Series2/07/101172
Elisabeth RosenthalSunday Speaker Series11/15/091613
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